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Sunday, 29 January 2012

My work

For my final major project it is a requirement to produce a shoot. I've decided to create trends that are both reactions to the aftermath of war. The names of the two trends are fragility and destruction. The fragility trend will consists of a shoot, at the moment I've been researching the work of various photographers in order to gain some inspiration for the overall look of the shoot. Chadwick Tyler has been extremely inspirational. His work captures the meaning of the fragility trend.

I'm currently in my final year of fashion design and atm working on my final major project. Art has always been a huge part of my life since I  can remember :).
During my degree I have had the opportunity of studying the several aspects of fashion given me a broader understanding of the subject.

This is the first styling shoot I ever put together!! I remember being so apprehensive before hand as I didn't know what to expect, but the day turned out to be fantastic. I had a brilliant team who worked diligently to create this stunning outcome.
photographer Karen Helle

make up artist Donna Harris