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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The audrey dress

Last but not least, this image shows how I would style the audrey dress found at Topshop.  The ankle strap heels and envelope clutch bag give the look a very polished appearance.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


For the sunflower embroidered dress I decided to go for a very simple, feminine ensemble. One of the great things about this dress is its versatility, it can be dressed up or down. Here I've opted for a dress down look, by simply styling the dress with a pair of gladiator sandals and a messenger bag (suitable for a day in the park). Yellow is always complimentary against darker tones, and always gives a very striking appearance.   

Dress sheinside  Sandals River Island  Bag Grafea

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Neon nights

The image above shows how I would put together the neon skater dress from Oasis which I posted earlier.

Neon is a bold colour statement and I think the suede open toe wedges gives it more feistiness. Purple and neon green always compliment each other very well, so pairing purple nail polish would be a good colour match for this look.

I contrasted the face and hair from the outfit by giving them quite soft looks, this was because I wanted the statement to all be in the outfit and needed everything else to work around it. Adding gold eyeshadows to the corners of the eyes gives a real effortless glow, and a loose braid gives a very laid back hairstyle. I like the fact that this whole look is very fierce and fun at the same time.

                                     Dress Oasis  Shoes River Island  Nail Polish Barry M

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

lace & pleats

Although this dress is more on the pricier side retailing at £60 at Topshop, it is afterall"THE audrey
 dress" so we can let the price slide, this once! and focus on the fact that audrey heburn aka 'mother of
 style' is the inspiration", ! and also cant forget that it is still a fraction of the alice +olivia dress, my
 initial inspiration.  So if you are looking for something affordable but willing to spend that little bit 
extra, this one may be for you. The bodice lace and pleated skirt brings a very textured look.  

Neon glow

My next find is this dazzling dress by Oasis. Oasis isn't typically my first stop on the high street, however their frocks this season have been breathtaking!!. I love how neon is always a head turner bringing an uncompromising yet radiant glow no matter the season. The wide pleated skirt volumises the silhouette and brings a very classic yet youthful appearance. The low v-neck line along with the sheer fabric exudes sexiness and sophistication in one, Im in love!!. This dress retails just at £40, so ladies I would grab this head tuner while its still available!!!.   


This has been long overdue, but I have finally found the time to showcase my fav inexpensive finds. To start with, is this yellow sleeveless sunflower A-line dress. Im a real fanatic when it comes to detailing because I believe it adds so much sparkle to a dress, the embroidered sunflowers along with the A-line silhouette give this frock a very feminine glow. You can find this dress at sheinside for just £17.15, a fraction of the alice+olivia dress.

Friday, 5 July 2013

High street replicas

Finding a high street replica of Solanges dazzling A-line lemon print dress became a bit of a challenge :(. It very quickly became clear that summer 2013 would not be the year of the fruit print. However all was not lost, instead of pointlessly searching far and wide for lemon print, I shifted my focus to the other attributes of this fine frock. Both the Citrus yellow and the A-line silhouette scream summer, making both elements very easy finds on the high st. As the image above shows, the dresses are not an exact replica, however they all give off the same playful vintage feel that Solanges dress exudes. I will be uploading more details on each dress very soon ;).

High street dupe

The best high street find so far, is this Oasis Lemon Flower Print Dress, retailing at just £45. Just like the alice+olivia lemon print dress, this frock also has an A-line silhouette which gives the outfit a very vintage yet playful appearance. The print is a mix of florals and lemons.

Monday, 3 June 2013

 As the long awaited season of summer arrives, I believe exuberance over the newest frocks hitting the stores is completely justified!!!. Solange is fast becoming my new style crush, and i believe summer is the perfect season to seek inspiration from this diva. I recently discovered this breathtaking photograph of Solange in this Lemon Print A Line Dress, and completely fell in love. This is a photo montage I put together of corally tones blended with the citrus yellow dress.
The two colours work very well together, and both give the outfit a playful yet captivating appearance. I also added the much coveted zara bag, to tally up the outfits elegance. The dress is by alice+olivia priced at £269.72 but Im certain with close inspection of the high street, Ill be able to find an inexpensive version of the dress that is just as stunning. I will be posting these finds soon.

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Due to the hustle and bustle of life, it can be so easy for us to let our passions slip through the net. Its been a long while since I've created any art pieces or even uploaded on this blog period!. So I decided that I would make some changes and re-connect with the things I'm most passionate about, one of those being art.
A few weeks ago I saw a photo of one of my fav youtube gurus Erica Fae and became instantly inspired to recreate the photograph as a vector piece using adobe illustrator. These were the results!!, considering that it has been a long while since I've been in touch with my creative side I was very pleased with the outcome.
The results have definitely re-ignited my passion for creating art and over the next few weeks I will be uploading more work.