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Saturday, 7 April 2012

This image shows the outcome for the distressed tshirt.
After the bleach had dried, it produced these interesting outcome.  

After shredding the fabric I was still unsatisfied, and began to think of additional ways of distressing fabric. I then decided to pour bleach in various areas areas of the T-shirt.

This image is the outcome of the shredded Tshirt

Using a stitch picker I then began to pull on the loose pieces of thread. I continued doing this until the ladder  went up vertically along the Tshirt. 

In preparation for the fragility shoot, I looked at various websites on how to shred fabrics. The outcome of the fragility shoot is to convey vulnerability and I knew shredding fabric would be a great way of expressing this on a garment. I began the shredding process by cutting the hem of the Tshirt.

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